The history of scratch cards

History of scratch cards

One of the many popular ways to gamble, is by using scratch cards. These cards, on which you have to scratch off certain boxes, on which it turns out if you won something, are available at many places. Almost everyone knows what a scratch card is, en almost everyone has once bought or received one. The principal is very simple and doesn’t cost much. But how did these cards actually originate? This is a question which might not keep in your mind all day long, but you do think about sometimes. This article is about the history of scratch cards.

The introduction of scratch cards

Around the ‘80s scratch cards were first introduced in Europe, but originally the concept was, like many other products and services, devised and invented in America in 1974. So they haven’t been around for very long. In this year the American company scientific games corporation produced a lottery game on the computer for the first time. Because of this a client of Scientific Games Corporation had to wait 6 days for the result of his game. Here the idea arose to let people know immediately if they have won something or not, instead of waiting a very long time. The first scratch card was invented. These cards made SGC’s first customer an enormous amount of money. Of course this has been a huge boost for the inventors themselves. In 1987 the first patent was asked for these scratch cards. The two greatest producers of scratch cards are Scientific Games Corporation and Pollard Banknote. These two companies operate from America, but also have branches in Europe. Of course the quality of the paper on which the scratch cards were printed wasn’t the best. This has gone onder some development in the years, because nowadays it’s made of stif paper or cardboard.

The arrival of online scratch cards

From 2006 there are also online scratch cards, opposite to the traditional physical scratch cards. What started slowly with 1 or 2 providers, started to grow to an enormous amount of providers in online scratch cards. These online scratch card lotteries now have a large group of online players that really love the online scratch games. The growth of online scratch cards has been unbelievable. A large part of the hype is because a lot of online scratch lotteries are giving away the first scratch cards for free. New players can receive free scratch cards and win real money for free at a large amount of scratch card providers on the internet.

Scratch cards nowadays

In contrast to before, the design of scratch cards has also become more colourful over the years. Years ago, at the beginning of the rise of the scratch cards, it was all very clear, you could just scratch off the boxes and see if you won. Nowadays it has all become a bit more messier because of different signs and things you can’t understand at first sight. However, the winning chances increased, as well as your chance for winning money. This is mainly because there were only a few different scratch cards, and nowadays there are dozens. You almost can’t see the forest through the trees anymore.

You can see that scratch cards aren’t actually that old, but did gain a lot in populairity in such a short time.