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Play at online casinos without depositing money

Online casinos give the Internet gambling enthusiast a good way to show off their skills and offer the player good financial returns in the process.  There are players, however, who do not believe in depositing money at online casinos due to the inherent dangers that come in them.  You can be exposed to erroneous schemes and methods that some crooked online casino websites often devise to steal away your hard-earned real currency.  Thus, you then often choose to play in online casinos for free and thus avoid signing up for membership in them altogether.  This can have a negative effect on any online casino’s rate of return; because of this, many legitimate Internet-based casinos are now setting up ways in which interested gamers can eventually join them.  One of the more effective ways to do this is by offering casino play money without the requirement of depositing money at online casinos.

No deposit casino money

Playing without depositing money at online casinos and using no-deposit casino money instead offers the careful online casino player a good way to be involved in these sites without having to put their hard-earned cash in them.  Also, it gives the Internet casino an effective way to eventually lure in dedicated online casino gamers.

First of all, no-deposit casino money entails few financial dangers or even nothing at all.  You can sample the whole range of goodies that online casinos have to offer, from dazzling Internet web pages to swank virtual casinos.  You can get to experience firsthand whether the site is true on its word of honest-to-goodness play and secure services; you can thus avoid being pulled in to a website that does otherwise.  Not depositing money at online casinos meant preventing online gaming fraud and account security issues from ever happening.  If you see that the website is legitimate, you can then enter as a member and continue to enjoy playing in it.

Make money with no deposit bonuses

Secondly, you are allowed to take home the earnings that you make through the no-deposit money bonus.  This may sound great for many habitual Internet casino players; however, you should first study carefully the needed requirements that often accompany them.  Most of the time, online casino sites will let you utilize the no-deposit bonus in their virtual casinos but you do need to fulfil first the necessary prerequisites before you can cash in your earnings.

Fun Play or Real Money

Third, many Internet-based casinos will offer you to join their “Real Money” and “Fun Play” programs.  You can choose to sign as a player in their “Fun Play” program and you can then try out the games that the online casino offers.  But you can never get to fully check out the casino’s selection, and you are not given the chance to test those games that you would like to join in.  You will not be able also to soak in the full capabilities and winning possibilities that most casino games offer.  You should try out the online casino games that are not to be found in “Fun Play” accounts.  It would be more prudent for you to do this rather than to go in outright and sign as a member right away.  Depositing money at online casinos will prevent you from doing this.

The history of scratch cards

History of scratch cards

One of the many popular ways to gamble, is by using scratch cards. These cards, on which you have to scratch off certain boxes, on which it turns out if you won something, are available at many places. Almost everyone knows what a scratch card is, en almost everyone has once bought or received one. The principal is very simple and doesn’t cost much. But how did these cards actually originate? This is a question which might not keep in your mind all day long, but you do think about sometimes. This article is about the history of scratch cards.

The introduction of scratch cards

Around the ‘80s scratch cards were first introduced in Europe, but originally the concept was, like many other products and services, devised and invented in America in 1974. So they haven’t been around for very long. In this year the American company scientific games corporation produced a lottery game on the computer for the first time. Because of this a client of Scientific Games Corporation had to wait 6 days for the result of his game. Here the idea arose to let people know immediately if they have won something or not, instead of waiting a very long time. The first scratch card was invented. These cards made SGC’s first customer an enormous amount of money. Of course this has been a huge boost for the inventors themselves. In 1987 the first patent was asked for these scratch cards. The two greatest producers of scratch cards are Scientific Games Corporation and Pollard Banknote. These two companies operate from America, but also have branches in Europe. Of course the quality of the paper on which the scratch cards were printed wasn’t the best. This has gone onder some development in the years, because nowadays it’s made of stif paper or cardboard.

The arrival of online scratch cards

From 2006 there are also online scratch cards, opposite to the traditional physical scratch cards. What started slowly with 1 or 2 providers, started to grow to an enormous amount of providers in online scratch cards. These online scratch card lotteries now have a large group of online players that really love the online scratch games. The growth of online scratch cards has been unbelievable. A large part of the hype is because a lot of online scratch lotteries are giving away the first scratch cards for free. New players can receive free scratch cards and win real money for free at a large amount of scratch card providers on the internet.

Scratch cards nowadays

In contrast to before, the design of scratch cards has also become more colourful over the years. Years ago, at the beginning of the rise of the scratch cards, it was all very clear, you could just scratch off the boxes and see if you won. Nowadays it has all become a bit more messier because of different signs and things you can’t understand at first sight. However, the winning chances increased, as well as your chance for winning money. This is mainly because there were only a few different scratch cards, and nowadays there are dozens. You almost can’t see the forest through the trees anymore.

You can see that scratch cards aren’t actually that old, but did gain a lot in populairity in such a short time.

Online casino and gambling history

Online Casino and Gambling History

This article is about online casino and online gambling history. We go back to the 90’s when everything started and have a look at the growth and present situation of online gambling around the world.

Online casinos and gambling have not been around for very long but they have had explosive growth in that time. The first ones began to appear around the 1990s as the Internet was expanding rapidly around the globe. In that time the industry has brought in multiple billions of dollars and these figures are expanding all the time.

Early History of online gambling

In 1994 the Caribbean island, Antigua Barbuda allowed online casinos as it passed a law allowing them to operate. They can still operate there as of now with the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act in place. Two brothers named Andrew and Mark Rivkin started a company called Cryptologic which was designed to provide software with high encryption for financial transactions associated with gambling. The year that Antigua Barbuda passed its gambling law two companies called Microgaming and Starnet Communications were formed.
Canada was one place where there were developments in online gambling. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission formed which was meant to regulate online casinos and set forth fair standards for their operation. Another company called Boss media started around this time but it was Cryptologic that had the first fully functional gaming platform online. There were eCash and money management services available and in 1996 the company released its first software package for gambling online. In 1996 InterCasino which was the first online fully functional casino, started operation.

Growth of online gambling

The Industry began to grow by many millions of dollars and then it was billions shortly after. There was new software developed and casinos began to really take off. One of the first slot machines online was called Cash Splash. At the end of 1998 the revenues were around 835 million dollars from casinos. U.S. player were the bulk of these players and this causes lawmakers to take notice. A bill called the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was the first of several bills to try and ban gambling but they failed. Several gaming licenses were granted and online gambling continued to grow without slowing down.
Raids and More Bills
In Vancouver Canada there were several raids to try and cut the growth of the industry but this did nothing to slow the progress of the industry. The U.S. tried to write more bills but these too failed to pass. Australia granted its first online gambling license which still runs today called Lasseters online. In the early 2000s the Australians had some success with curbing Internet gambling but is an operation that still runs today.


In the early 2000s there were around 700 online casinos in operation in several different currencies. In 2001 it’s estimated that over eight million people have tried online gambling. More online gambling games are released and the industry keeps growing despite some bills trying to limit its growth. More countries open casinos online in the 2000s such as Africa and many UK territories. Nevada in the U.S. receives permits to allow gambling although there are moves to tax and legislate gambling in Nevada online. Despite bills and legislation online gambling continues to grow due to the massive revenues it generates.
In 2006 the US passed the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act to watch offshore companies that might be suspected of channeling gambling funds to terrorist groups. This is seen as a harsh bill and in 2007 the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (IGREA) is adopted to better regulate the industry.
Online gambling continues to grow despite opposition from governments and other parties as the money generated just can’t be ignored. Problem gambling, fair gambling, and the protection of minors are all problems being addressed to make the industry fair to all parties involved. There will no doubt be more bills, name calling and other problems but online gambling is here to stay in one form or another.

No deposit bonus casino

No deposit bonus casino

This website is all about no deposit bonuses at online casinos. To make things easy we will call all websites that offer gambling games on the internet a online casino. Of course these online casinos have to offer players the chance to play for real money (and the chance for players to win real money prizes). Otherwise it’s just a gaming website. So to make things clear: a online casino is a website that offers gambling games and offers players the chance to win real money prizes.

All casinos that offer (no) deposit bonuses are what we describe as online casinos. Because as a new player you receive a free bonus and have the chance to win real cash prizes with this free bonus. So when you are offered a no deposit bonus casino, you are certain you can gamble for real money. And that’s not the only fun thing about a no deposit casino bonus. You also don’t have to risk a cent of your own money because you get the bonus 100% for free. No deposit needed.

About the online casinos

Although we call all websites that offer no deposit bonuses ‘online casinos’ there are of course differences between the types of casinos. Some casinos for example only offer poker or scratch cards. And other casinos only focus on players that love bingo or slots. But there are also online casinos that give you the best of all worlds and offer all games under 1 roof.

Another differnce between the casinos is how you can play the games. Most casinos offer the chance to play all the casino games directly at the website. This is what we call ‘instant play’. There are however also a couple of online casinos that need you to download their software first before you can play their games.

About the no deposit casino bonuses

There’s not only a difference between the online casinos. The type of no deposit bonus casino offer also varies. There are about 3 types of different no deposit casino bonuses:

  • You get an amount of money at your account directly after you’ve registered and have the chance to play all casino games with this bonus money. This is the type of no deposit bonus you come across the most.
  • You get a couple of free spins at a certain (popular) online slot. Once you’ve used all the free spins you can continue to play at the online casino with the profit you got from the free spins. This is also a well known type of no deposit bonus.
  • You get an amount of money and you can play with it for a set amount of time. Once the time is passed you will have the opportunity to continue to play with the profit or receive the money as a special bonus upon a deposit. This type of no deposit bonus has been very popular for a while, but you don’t see it a lot these days.

Pick your favourite no deposit bonus

Everyone has different preferences. Some people like scratch cards and online slots, and another likes blackjack and bingo. Because of this we have added a large amount of no deposit bonuses and we will continue to add quality no deposit casino bonuses to keep everyone happy.

No deposit bonuses are also ideal to try out new games.

Online gambling

Online gambling

In this article you can read more about the different ways to gamble online. For instance, you have the possibility to play at online casinos for free. Mostly you don’t even have to register an account or download software. Another way is to profit from special promotions like a ‘no deposit bonus’. This means you can gamble online for free with real money without any deposit. This gives you the opportunity to play riskless with a chance at real cash prizes. A third possibility is probably the best known: ‘gambling with your own money’. First, you deposit a certain amount and then you can play, with chances at both gaining and losing.

Gambling with play money

On the internet you there is, in contrast to real-live casinos, the possibility to play for free. You get a certain amount of play money/fake money with which you can go gambling without the chance of earning any real money. This is ideal for casino games enthusiasts who rather not risk losing their hard-earned money. Free gambling with play money is, however, a lot less exciting. This is because you can’t win any money. The chance at winning the jackpot is what the casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack and poker are primarily about. This is what makes casino games unique in relation to the ordinary board games.

Free gambling with real money

Besides the possibility to play for free at online casinos a lot of providers also give you the chance to play free with real money. This probably sounds too good to be true, but there are multiple casinos that offer this kind of promotions to new players. Because of the great competition between providers of online gambling, casinos are offering better and better actions. A special action that is currently being offered a lot is the so-called “no deposit bonus”. This means that you receive free money without having to deposit money. Literally a ‘no deposit bonus’. You can play with real money and have a chance to win real cash prizes without spending a penny. Of course, there are certain conditions to these kinds of actions. For instance, you can’t receive your money immediately; you have to play for a certain amount of time first. The exact conditions of such a bonus can always be found at the website of the casino.

Online gambling with real money

Gambling with real money is actually how games in a casino should be played. The risk to lose and the tension to win is what gives gambling that special touch. However, everyone knows that the casino always has an advantage in percentage terms relative to the player. Otherwise, the casino wouldn’t be able to exist. That is also the reason that you can’t play in real casinos for free. The casino must always make a profit. In online casinos this is the same, of course, but in an online casino games don’t take any space, and at tables like blackjack and roulette no personnel is required. Therefore, there is the possibility of free games to play online, in contrary to real casinos.

Gamble for free at online casinos

Gamble for free at online casinos

In this article you can read more about how you can gamble for free at the best online casinos. I’ll show you 2 forms of online gambling that are 100% risk free. And best of all. With one of the 2 forms you will gamble for free but have a chance to win real money.

Many people occasionally place a bet and hope that, in this way, they will win a fantastic prize. Furthermore, it is a nice matter to experience a lot of fun. But normally gambling can cost you money because you can lose by playing casino games. However gambling doesn’t always have to cost money, because, especially in the online world of gambling, there are enough options to do this free of charge. This means that you can participate in exciting games riskless. These possibilities are not to be found at a real casino or lottery.

The 2 forms of free gambling

Generally, you can distinguish two forms when we talk about free gambling. The possibility occurs mainly at online casinos, because they offer the players the chance to get acquainted with the casino games by practicing first. Usually, a customer can make the choice between playing in the practice mode or start playing with real money. Especially for beginners with little or no knowledge of casino games it can be wise to first gain the necessary playing experience through the practice mode. It costs nothing and doesn’t need a deposit, so there is no money that you can lose. Of course no real money can be earned in this way, because it is all fictional money.
The other option is to make use of, for example, a no-deposit bonus and free spins on slots. A no-deposit bonus is a bonus which you, as a new customer, can claim, without any necessary deposits. This way you can not only play the nicest casino games, but also actually win fun casino prizes. This makes it all the more attractive, because it appeals to more people if there is real money that can be won. Additionally, online casinos are regularly offering free spins at slots to both new members and people that were already a member. So here you can also play for free, and you get to keep your profits. In this regard, it may be helpful to view the summary of free casinos in order to benefit the maximum from the free opportunities that arise.

Gamble for real money

You can also choose to play for real money, once you finally have an idea of the game rules and how the casino games can be played best. If you play for real money there are a lot of attractive bonus offers you can benefit from even more. You get a 100% welcome bonus at your first money deposit at most online casinos. The paid amount is immediately doubled by the gamble website. In addition, the game selection at the most respected online casinos is gigantic. Often you will find literally hundreds of different casino games such as roulette, Blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, slots and many more. Especially the popular table games are definitely worthwhile. If you choose to play roulette, you should consider French roulette, which has the best odds of winning. Take advantage of the opportunities at free casinos today!